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What I've done

When I was in High School I won a bronze medal for Australia at the International Chemistry Olympiad. And before you ask I sat a 5 hour a 2nd year University level theory exam and a 5 hour practical exam in which we had to make aspirin. I did pretty well in the theory exam but I botched the practical exam. I ended up with aspirin all over the bench - everywhere but in the sample tube. (Apparently the pathetic sprinkling of aspirin thst did make it into the sample tube was very pure though).

At Uni I studied Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science with varying degrees of passion. I worked on post-graduate degree in Physics for a while eventually settled into a career in computers.

While at Uni, I also played guitar in the now defunct schitzodelic rock band Plastic Spacemen.

Last updated: 18/11/2001
Paul Haesler